Thursday, July 7, 2011

Milan Holiday

On the last day of our Milan Holiday, we went to see the Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci. Before we even left for our trip, we tried to get tickets but they were sold out. Needing a ticket to see a single painting, this was a first! We were willing to go on a tour if that was the only way we could see it, even though by this point we knew Milan like the back of our hands. Thankfully the hotel concierge, Roberto was his name, was somehow able to snag us the hottest tickets in town. We didn't need to go on a tour either! We went straight to Santa Maria delle Grazie where the Last Supper was located. 

We were overjoyed when we followed our tour guide through the sliding glass door into the heavily air-conditioned room and finally were face to face with Leonardo's masterpiece. His depiction of the reaction of the disciples when Jesus announces that one of them will betray him is worth a thousand words. We knew our time was up when another sliding glass door on the opposite side of where we came in opened up, letting us know our time was up. 15 minutes to be exact. We took one last look and headed to gift shop, where we purchased a Last Supper print for our dining room at home.

For our last supper in Milan, we ate at a outdoor restaurant that a lady we met on the tour recommended to us. It was the perfect ending to our trip. We are so thankful that we were able see the Last Supper!








Santa Maria delle Grazie: The Last Supper is inside!
Lunch at Luini for their panzerotti, smaller version of the calzone
fried dough on the outside
pizza inside
Chocolate fountains. You get to choose from milk, dark, or white chocolate to be put into your ice cream cone. So good!!


  1. I like the white short!! and the food look delicious!! nyum


  2. hope you have a good holiday in my country!

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  4. Both lovely outfit :)

    You have a new follower, congrats!

    xo from Italy!

    Irene's Closet

  5. Great pictures ! I love the orange dress ! Check out : I just posted a 5 things of the week :)

  6. you two are too cute, I'd love to visit someday, looks fabulous!!

  7. I love both of your outfits! they remind me of the 60s just a bit.

    The Pink Monocle

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  9. Great outfits! Love that orange dress, and those white shorts!

  10. Your pictures are amazing!! Makes me want to go to Milan so bad!!

    Smriti@ Bucket List Nation

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