Friday, April 22, 2011

Trees with a cherry on top

Yesterday we went to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. The weather was a bit chilly but there were no clouds in sight. It never ceases to amaze us that though the trees are bare in winter, come spring they bloom the prettiest flowers. The cherry blossom trees gave off a sweet aroma as we walked by. Lying in the grass, eating kimbap and looking at the array of colorful flowers up close, it was the perfect day!

Gorgeous flowers

Madewell Blazer, Crewcuts Tank, Tory Burch Classic mini bag, J.Crew Bangels


Madewell Buckley Blazer, OldNavy Striped Shirt, Kimchi Blue Ballet Flats
Ralph Lauren Larchmont cross body bag

Love the pansies in the background!

Candy Corn Flowers

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cloudy with a chance of showers

Sorry for the lack of posts, we've been terribly busy with school. This week is our spring break and it's been nice to just relax and not think of anything that is school related. 
It is unfortunately still too cold in New York to wear Spring clothes. Summer can't come soon enough!
As we were pulling out of our driveway, it started to drizzle lightly. Thankfully we had worn our favorite rain boots but we had to run inside to grab our bubble umbrella. We had been looking for one for quite a while now. We unexpectedly came across this one on the Urban Outfitters website. 

Zara Jacket, Burberry Rain boots, Anna Belen Bow, Urban Outfitters Umbrella

I got this jacket at the mall last night after an early dinner at Carrabba's. I love the crumpled texture of it. It's extra crumpled cause I accidentally left it in the car last night but it actually worked out for the better because that's the look. The jacket reminds me of Prada's 2009 Spring collection. I welcome any clothing that can look crumpled on purpose.

GAP Jacket, Rodarte T-Shirt, Burberry Rain boots

Our matching rain boots
Gorgeous Cherry Blossom

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