Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Korean Food: Kimbap (김밥)

Since we are the KimChicSisters, we want to share our Korean culture with you. 
This of course entails Korean food.
On our last vacation, we realized that you can get Japanese, Chinese, 
or Thai food almost anywhere, 
but Korean food is still hard to come by.
If you haven't tasted Korean cuisine yet, you must try it.
Don't know what to try first? We can help you.

One of our favorite Korean Foods is Kimbap. 
Kimbap is a very popular food in Korea. 
It's basically Korean sushi and like most Korean food, it is healthy. 
The basic ingredients are sticky rice (lightly seasoned with sesame oil), 
kim (sheets of dried seaweed), 
vegetables (fresh, pickled or roasted), 
and some kind of protein. 
Sesame oil also gives the seaweed a shiny sheen and the kimbap its flavor.
Unlike Japanese sushi, kimbap doesn't need a bath in soy-sauce 
or be painted green with wasabi.
Kimbap tastes best in its pure form because it is filled with flavor.
Instead of pickled ginger, kimbap is complemented with pickled radish, 
called danmuji (단무지).
It is a great on the go snack and best eaten on a picnic, 
after a hike or anywhere in the great outdoors.
If you like sushi, we can guarantee you will like kimbap.

Kimbap Trio
Shiny Slices
Bite-sized goodness


  1. Yum! I love Korean food! We have a couple of really Korean restaurants here and I love going there! xoxoxoxoo

  2. Looks fabulous, looks like sushi. And I love sushi, so I think I'd like it as well :)


  3. My grandmother is korean, we grew up on korean food, it's totally my comfort food.I love kimbap, kimchi, chopchae, bibimbap, jjigae, all of it! love your blog title :)


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