Saturday, December 18, 2010

Why Hello There

Welcome to our blog, KimChicSisters! As we look forward to Christmas and the New Year, we thought there was no better time than now to start a blog. From fashion to food and everything in between, we want to share our favorite things with you. First and foremost, our blog name. Kim is our last name and the word kimchi is for our Korean nationality. We added chic for our obsession with fashion and attached sisters to the end because we are the best of sisters. We hope that  you will follow us on all of our adventures. 
Lastly, Always have hope,
  Keep the faith
BMade Perfect in love.
Gina               Jackie

                                           XOXO, The Kim sisters 

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  1. once again, cute cute cute! I really hadn't been exposed to the Korean culture until I met my college roomie in nyc- Ms.Park! She brought me to din in K-town where I fell in love with korean bbq, kimchi, and soju ;) And this summer I got to visit my brother who teaches English in about major city love!!!